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Project Descriptions and Pricing
  1. Register a domain name for your company (company.com)
    Web Professionals will research and register your domain name for a one-time setup fee. A list of available registrars is available at https://www.icann.org/registrar-reports/accredited-list.html. Annual fees also apply and are paid directly to the registrar.

  2. Web Server Configuration and Hosting
    Web Professionals uses Hostway.com to host all accounts. Multiple plan options are available, including e-commerce solutions. Fees include costs for labor and annual hosting fees paid directly to Hostway.

  3. Shared Web Server Configuration and Hosting
    Web Professionals offers the opportunity for you to rent space at http://www.webprofessionals.com/YourCompany/. This option is particularly useful for temporary websites and firms with limited budgets.

  4. E-Mail Aliases
    With all server options, you have the opportunity to create e-mail aliases. This means that we can set up e-mail addresses that point to existing e-mail POP accounts. One time set up fees apply.

  5. E-Mail POP Accounts
    An e-mail POP account (e-mail box) resides on a mail server and collects messages that are sent to the e-mail address for the account. For example, staffperson@webprofessionals.com is the e-mail address for the account, "staffperson" that resides on the webprofessionals.com mail server. The number of available POP accounts varies per plan. One time set up fees apply.

  6. Website Development
    Full website development is available and priced on a project by project basis.

  7. Website Updates and Maintenance
    To encourage return traffic, and entice new users to visit your site, content should be fresh and updated on a regular basis. Changes to pages in your website are completed at the current hourly rate and billed in 15 minute increments.

  8. Training
    Web Professionals can train a contact at your company to update and maintain your website. Trainings can be conducted over the telephone or at your facilities with the following conditions:
    • Rate per hour: Current hourly rate to be billed in 15 minute increments.
    • Training preparation: A minimum of 1 hour prep time will be applied.
    • Training time: Time will be measured from the scheduled start time of training to the actual end time of training (to be rounded up to the next quarter hour.)
    • Travel fee: A Travel fee will apply to all in-house trainings (service area: within 30 miles of Boston).

  9. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
    Do you have a site that is hard to find in Google or other search engines? Are your competitors showing up in the search results before your company's site? Web Professionals has the knowledge and experience necessary to improve your website's organic search engine rankings and increase traffic to your website. We can work with you to optimize individual pages, develop content, establish a Link Popularity strategy, and set up and manage Pay Per Click campaigns. Our standard hourly rate applies and a plan can be developed to meet most budgets.

    Visit our Website Directory for a sample of clients who engage in complex search engine optimization.

  10. Extra Bells and Whistles
    Web Professionals has the resources necessary to equip your website with the latest services and technological advances. Quotes developed based on the specifications of each project and provided upon request.

Quotes Available upon Request
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PLEASE NOTE: A one-time New Account fee will appear on the first invoice of all new clients. For all in-house meetings or trainings with existing clients, Travel fees will apply.

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