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*CommServer is a physical server, a high-volume server that stores and manages customer interactions, and ties those to the company's central customer database.

*xD is a software product used by call center agents to track opportunities, service requests, resolve issues, etc.

*xV is a software product that integrates phone traffic from a company's switch and customer data in the OM database so agents have the customer history in front of them ready to act.

*xI is a software product that integrates web traffic (searches, hits and emails) with the customer database, automatically responds to requests for information, and keeps track of all the web activity associated with any client.

* xTEAM is a full suite of software products designed to manage each form of customer communication.

X also offers xTEAM to ISPs, who in turn offer the capabilities of xTEAM to their clients for a monthly fee while offloading the complex process of managing large volumes of customer communications and the associated infrastructure.